Little Pandas: 

3 to 6 years of age 

All classes are fun yet productive to ensure that your children learn much   more than  punching and kicking.
We offer an age appropriate curriculum  that develops  teamwork, discipline,  fitness, memory, control, focus,  coordination, and balance. Classes are fast paced to hold their attention and packed with running, jumping, rolling and flying so  kids will never get bored. They will also learn basic self defense concepts like Stranger Danger, Bully Basics and Home Safe



For 7 years old and up boys and girls with no previous experience in martial arts, classes are divided in 3 different  groups with their own schedule.


For boys and girls with  previous experience in Taekwon-do ITF, and our beginner students promoted to the intermediate level classes are divided in 2 different  groups with their own schedule.


For Red and Black Belt students, the focus of our training is in high level competition, self defense and leadership


Traditional Taekwon-do


Self defense